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 3-5 Page Website Offer

You are here because of an e-mail we sent to you about the Special Website Offer:

Thank you for looking into this offer. Below I will describe what is included with this package.

Same package as the:
Basic Business/Personal Package (3-5 pages) -
But it only Cost: $50.00

-Main page
-2-4 Sub pages
-Graphics and Logo
-Simple JAVA applications (clocks, dates, scrolling banners, mouse-overs, ect)
-2 updates per month (graphic updates extra)

Extra Options if you do not have webspace:
Simple CGI form (feedback into your email address)
-Help signing up for:
-Free space on a free server (such as Tripod)
-Free web based email (pick from a list of hosts)

With all services:

*Same offers as normal packages, all conditions apply. You will be emailed the package price as well as all information you need about the service. If you send us an email with any questions, please note that this is about the special web site offer.

*Some of your questions might be answered in the FAQ section.

If you are interested in this special offer, want a quote about a larger site, or have any questions in general, send us an email in the space below.
You can also email us at




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