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. Thought of Someone Special .
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boarder   Special Thanks:

I would like to thank my parents for always being there... Mom for all the band trips you made and Dad for never letting me slide with making a mistake while playing music for you... Teresa for being the best sister I could ever ask for... You have always been special to me. Also thank you for all the times we have shared. Mom, Dad and Teresa I love you very much....

To the Sechrist, Krol, Kaczanoski and Gourley families, I would like to thank you for being the greatest family to be apart of. From all the family trips and to all the fun times spent together at Christmas and New Year's.

To Don Hamilton, I would like to thank you for all the time you spent with me to help me get through the music side of college. To West Virginia Wesleyan College Music Department, thanks for all the wonderful professors. To my church family at Wesley Freedom United Methodist Church, Thank you for being a great spiritual family to grow up in. To my Sunday school for taking me in and making me feel apart of the Sunday School Class.

To the Markle Family, I would like to thank you for being my second family and always making me feel like apart of the family. Pop, I wish you were here to listen to my CD. ..I will miss you. Grandpa Sechirst, I miss you very much... I hope I'm making you proud. Grandpa Gourley even though I never really knew you... I hope your proud of me ...

Lastly... To Cheryl Piszczek for all the support and friendship over the years. Thanks for always being there for me during college and thank you for listing to my bad recordings during college. Without you "Thought of Someone Special" would have never been written... I love you very much and again thank you for coming into my life 8 years ago. Cheryl, you are a treasure I will keep forever and I'm very blessed and thankful for you and if anything should ever surfaces from this CD. I want you to be there. This CD is dedicated to you. To anybody I did not mention thank you for being apart of my life and making a difference.

  Very Special Thanks:

Katie Sutcliffe for getting me to record this CD for everybody. To DFAS, Thanks for listening to my music and wanting to hear more of my work. To MWHS-1 Comptroller Shop - thank you for being a great family over seas... Field Accounting - thanks for being my new home and family in Kansas City. Emily Newman for setting my Web site and email accounts up. Em, your the greatest. Dave Stone look forward to adding your lyrics in the future